Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Game Project. Digistep Animation Studio  done in 2017 December, in partnership with AR Magic company. Here are five coloring books based on Armenian fairy tales.


The first stage was the characters development and scenario. We had to create the characters, which have should come alive by using the application. They had should be either technically ready for it or aesthetic and nice. After scrupulous development we finally got the characters design and the stylistics of the project.

After that stage we started the books illustration. Our illustrators team should had to design the books and take stock the technical side. After children would color the pages, the characters would come alive through the application with the exact colors the child had colored. So we finished all the books design and gave solutions to the technical side.

Page_01 (2)
Page_04 (2)
Page_01 (4)

The final stage was the animation of environment and characters. It was a great work between animators, illustrators, texturing artists and the technical team. The result was brilliant. The books interested not only children, but adults too, because of magic is for everyone 😉