Hickory Dickory Dock

It is too dificult when the music of the song leads you to its own environment, mood and even the day time, but the song has been designed for the 2-5 aged children and has its clear lyrics and story. For this song we had to have a clock and a mouse, who has to run up the clock. There are thousands of versions of this song, when the clock is in the room(naturally) and the mouse climb it up. But no, this stuf not for us, becouse even if the song is simple and has no dramaturgy, we have to find an idea, beginning, process and a solution. In this time the song led us to the dense forest. For this song we had to have a clock and a mouse, who has to run up the clock.


The mouse is a traveler, who comes to here to discover all the beauties and secrets of the forest. For the mouse the most misterious creature in the forest is the bat, who is a mouse in fact but has ability to fly.


Our traveler chase the bat and appeares near the big tree-clock where the bat lives. The clock has cuckoo-clock, and owl clock pendulum.


The mouse try to reach the bat with the help of Robbin , but in the solution of the story she does it by her own finesse and creativity, with her innovative camping backpack.


So, we have a playful, a little bit misterious and happy story, like the music of the song. Enjoy the story, music and pictures.

With Love Digistep animation Studio