Obolot The Robot

Obolot surprise robot. The main idea of creating a new project for children was the idea of surprise. Everyone (including adults) can’t stay smoother to the big surprise, to the feeling  that something beautiful and colorful will definitely happen.

First Idea

The opening idea was the Super smart Robot-Owl, which should have
bring a ball with a surprise . The Robot has camera, projector, ability to fly and etc…say in short
he was very smart.  The questions for us were many. Where are the robot came from, where the actions are going on…and the idea was paused.


Weeks of meetings, sketches…

New idea:)

Simple and Ordinary balls machine, which should have give us a new ball with a surprise in every episode. So…Good..But…Who makes the machine to work? A child? So, where is the child? A Robot? Where is the Robot? Is the machine in the playground? Or in the spaceship? The same problem was here.
Maybe Robot will drop a coin in the machine and activate it?


,,Please, a minute of attention! The Coin Will be the Character!,,… A minute of silence…Then the Studio came to life again. New character, new sketches, new extraordinary and creative idea to develop.

Important Idea

The idea grown up that much, that we had a huge surprise factory. Each factory part had its own role. Heating the materials, pressing to the different shapes, conveyor and packing. The Robot-Coin activates the factories and gets a surprise ball, full of different parts. He constructs toys from that parts. The preproduction was done, everything was ready for producing the new ,,surprise factory,, project…


Under the circumstances we had to stop the works after a year of development and preproduction. After some months we back to the Surprise Factory, but couldn’t continue it. There was something unfinished, in the character, in the story…

Final Idea

The character Coin was very thin and for the children we wanted to create something rotund and soft. The character get its shape and was look like a tire. The robot with the gyroscope, screen, and the most important feature, with the feelings… We created a wonderful world for him – the Boxland. He could find surprises in any box. It was his own environment. So we named the robot Obolot and started the production.


Now Obolot is living in Boxland and already has a friend – Gizh Truck. Gizh Truck is a robot truck. He is naughty and funny and always makes us smile. They have fun together, have many adventures and explore something new every time.


The project structure and ideas transform with every episode. This is an alive project for us, which is always made of new ideas and we know, the best stories and adventures waits ahead.