Three Little Kittens 1

Three Little Kittens 2

Here are two versions of the nursery rhime Three Little Kittens that we’ve done. Both of them were made with the same characters, but you can easely compare and see the difference between this two. The first version is more serene and has monotone backgrounds and soft music. Here we have winter scene with frozen lake. The girl character performs here as a kitten’s mother. The whole atmosphere is ver cosy and warm though it is winter


In the second version everithing is different. The music is very lively and brisk, that’s why the actions take place in rock concert. The girls character performs here as a rock musician, she plays guitar and sings. The kittens are a part of that performance. They support her whit their artistic play and talent. We have a concept of the stage, decorated with the big loudspeakers. There is a huge screen with the colorful, animated equilizer in the background. Every loudspeaker has hidden platforms in it. They represent here as a backstage too. The kittens appear from the inner part of the loudspeaker and some of needed decorations appear from it too.


With Love, Digistep Animation Studio