Twinkle Star

In this time we are at Ana’s house. Ana loves astronomy. In her room she has a wall with planets. Every night she dreams about space. She imagine how she will be a cosmonaut when she grows up. She has a telescopes in the house roof. Ana looks through the telescopes to the stars every starry night. But today she has a special Star as a present from her parents. It is a addition to her room interior. A beautiful torchere wich is so unique. We spend days inventing this toy-torchere concept. It represents a torchere-cloud with a big star on it. The star is mobile. At night, when the kid wakes up she can bring with her just a glowing star and then put it back on cloud and fall asleep again. Ana admires her new torchere so, that she began her dream journey with the Star. She has a Mouse toy with her, which is always in her bed. In the Ana’s imagination everyone admires her Star, the other kids, the kittens, the sheep – everyone. The new Star helps Ana to go deeper in her dreams. She moves to the space with her Mouse, discovering many planets and stars. In the end of the episode we see how happy she is and how it is important to follow the dreams. She falls asleep peaceful.


With Love, Digistep Animation Studio