Campaign, Daily / 10 Sep 2018
To The River Debed

After couple of hard working months Digistep Animation Studio team took a breath and had a wonderful weekend in Lori Region. There was a main target, to have a rafting on the river Debed. Rowing isn’t a creative work, but it needs a strong and creative team (like ours:) Rafting lasted 1:20 Hours and took all our physical power, but it gave us unbelievable inspiration, power of spirit and soul. Millionth time we felt the integrity and power of our team. So in a wonderful mood we reached to the top of a mountain in Haghpat village. Armenian barbecue, fresh mountain air, unbelievable colors and all the nature had surrounded us. We felt great and in the harmony with each other and ourselves. Campfire and the singing around it are also one of our favorite things. But till the wolfs started to sing with us:) At the late night we go into our tents and had a quite night. The unforgettable trip ended…We work again, but inspired with 2 days long adventures.